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ETS and ETS's VAR agents, are the sole producers and distributors the BTU Analysis family of products with over 29 years of experience in the HVAC software development,

*Heat Load Analysis software developers and distributors since 1987.

Enchanted Tree Sofware Celebrates 25 Years of

BTU Analysis Products!

We are proud to announce the anniversary of the RTM release of BTU Analysis on March 23, 1987.

BTU Analysis would soon be named, BTU Analysis REG, and its younger brother, BTU Analysis Plus, was released on January 15, 1988.

BTU Analysis REG is a basic Heat Load Study Analysis package.

BTU Analysis Plus is more customizable and includes many features that can be used for commercial analysis studies.

Help use celebrate this milestone in Enchanted Tree Software's business prescence!

Special, limited, discount pricing of both BTU Analysis REG and BTU Analysis PLUS.

BTU Analysis REG limited discount pricing: $105.95!

That's a savings of $34.00 off the list price per copy!!

BTU Analysis PLUS limited discount pricing of only $184.95!

That's a savings $55.00 off the list price per copy!!


The above prices are valid between March 23, 2012 thru June 30, 2012.

The above discounts cannot be combined with other special price offers or discounts.

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